Saturday, 12 November 2011

Islam: Introduction

Allah is the Creator of this Universe. It.Covers all the things people do in their lifetime.Islam is complete way of Living . Islam give us every aspect of Life. From Morning to night. To Meet Some one To go some where .  It tell us how to conduct our private , social , political and every thing in an human life .

Islam is an Arabic word means submission and obedience. Submission mean is to acceptance of Allah's Command .  Accept every single message of Allah . Which he Give us through Prophet Muhammad (PBUH). The word  Obedience mean to put put our life in the right way simple is that to  Putting ALLAH's commands in our life.

          Everything is this Universe Never Violate Allah's Command. Have any one ever seen any violation (not talking about Human) in there process .? Answer is simple NO. Why??

Just a simple answer all things are made to Obey Allah's command. They haven't any choice but to Obey Obey. That is the reason we not fund any disturbances in Natural system and we just find external peace in Natures.

All Human being Like good things and dislike bad ones by their nature.  It is also in Human Nature to Love peace and to disorder. But the Question is then why human being are involve in bad things ,the disorders and many others Crimes. Simple is that No one like these bad things but Allah Almighty give Human being a choice to go to any way what is chose. A brief  Article about These things and nature of Human will be discuss other time.

Purpose of Human

Allah Almighty ,created human being and also all other to worship him and purpose of Human being to do bidding and to obey his command. Allah says in Quran

                             " I have not created Jinn and mankind (for any other purpose) except to worship me ."

As is Verse Allah says human is just created to worship him. Worship mean to obey all Commands of Allah Almighty .